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Our beloved son, Jeffrey Christopher went to be with Our Lord April 11, 2008 . Jeff was full of life and it was evident in so many ways. He had a sense of humor that would just make you laugh - you wouldn't know what hit you, you just laughed! Jeff was so full of kindness for others; he would come home and we would catch him taking clothes out of his drawers to give to someone in need.

Jeff lived a simple life. He had a passion for skateboarding. He enjoyed fishing at the pier, especially with his dad! He golfed like a pro. Jeff was also developing his own style of art. His work always provoked thought and meaning. Jeff liked to display his talent in the kitchen and we never knew what “hot” spices we would sample. Jeff even learned how to make his pa pop's famous buttermilk pancakes!

Those who were serenaded by Jeff's beautiful piano playing were the lucky ones. The loss of our beloved son will always be with us, but we know God will smile as Jeff plays his heavenly piano music and we know the lowly and down trodden will be consoled by him.

Mom, Dad, Shannon, and Greg.

• • • • •

I was an excited big sister when my new born brother was brought home from the hospital. It was like receiving a personal playmate just for me! Being four years older, I turned into a second mommy immediately wanting to protect him (okay occasionally being a bit bossy). Growing up I taught him how to ride his bike, tie his shoes, and how to make it through the first day of school. My brother was an avid skateboarder, voted class clown, and a beachgoer, all the qualities that make up a true San Diegan. He was also full of love, not only for his family, but random strangers he would meet. Life became a bit difficult for him while he struggled to manage a mental health challenge, but that did not put a damper on him. His life took a variety of twists, which was unlike the conventional life we expect everyone to follow, but he was figuring it out.

To my loving brother, it is now your turn to guide your family as we walk through this life without you in it. We will always miss and love you!

Your sister, Shannon

• • • • •

When Jeff was small 6 or 7 , when the couple years difference really made a difference between us, I remember him in the backyard at Nana and Pop-pop's house in Allentown smacking the heck out of these golf balls.  I remember pop-pop being sooo impressed and Jeff obviously had a talent for it.  Whenever he would come back east he would get the golf set out and start whacking away.  He quickly out grew pop-pop's back yard and needed the space of my father's yard where he could really open up.  back then we all thought he was going to be the next Jack Nicklous, (since tiger woods was not on the scene yet)  Jeff was a god golfer and that surprised me but not others in the family, apparently he got the golfing gene in the family that somehow skipped over me. 

Greg (Jeff's Cousin)

• • • • •

Mostly, I remember his energy. Jeff was full of life, and a through his enthusiasm for anything and everything, always created a joyful presence. Since I am his older cousin, he was, physically, only ever half my size or less (at least in my memories). But he had twice any person's gusto. And that was awesome. I am lucky to have had him in my life.

Steve (Jeff's Cousin)

• • • • •

It was the weekend in September that I came to visit Elena that Jeff came with us to church. We were more than glad to have him with us that night and he taught me something that I hadn't learned before. That was a really hard time for me, with the mono, and new environment in SF, and tons of other factors. I was already excited about going to Flood, but Jeff changed my excitement in to something more meaningful that night. I saw him throughout the service, especially during the musical worship at the end. He stood beside us with his arms raised high and he was alone in a way that I envied. He had a connection in that moment with something that I wanted to feel. He was so involved in his own feelings in a way - and reaching out to something - that I could only imagine. I've only been trying to truly understand God in the last few years and it's been a struggle for sure. Seeing your brother be so comfortable with his understanding of God touched me and opened my eyes and my heart. I only had the pleasure of meeting Jeff a few times, but he left an impression on me that will always last. Thank you for being the person that you are and the sister that you are to be able to share Jeff's special life with those around you. I can't imagine what this time is like for you, but I wanted to let you know that Jeff is someone that I do think about and he's affected my life in a wonderful way. You have a great family and tremendous friends that are here for you. Elena's thoughts are with you even now as she is unable to reach out to you. I don't know when you will read this message, but she's out of reach this weekend, because she went on a trip to Cordoba to experience others in Argentina with Alopecia. I know that the same light that Jeff showed to me, he showed to Elena as well and she's sharing that with people all over the world. If there is anything I can do to help, which I understand from SF I can't do much, please let me know.

Again, my thoughts are with you all...
Ryan (Friend)

• • • • •

Every time Jeff gave me a smile, it was always the most honest, genuine smile. You could tell he really meant it. It was always so rewarding for me.

Love, Neil (Friend)

• • • • •

When I heard that Jeff was coming for Halloween I was not sure what to expect. I figured, since he was older, that he would not want to go trick-or-treating with me, but I was completely wrong.

He was more excited that I was to hit up every house in the neighborhood. Every time we passed a scary looking house he got so excited to ring the doorbell. Some houses scared Jeff so much that he begged me to go ahead of him. He always followed close behind in case someone popped out of the bushes. As we make our way around the neighborhood, he commented on each costume that passed by us.

It is unfortunate that I will never have another Halloween quite as fun as the one I shared with Jeff.

Christopher (Friend)

• • • • •

When I think of Jeff and the Christopher's, I have two happy memories. When I was little I remember going to their house and eating the best rice crispy treats ever! While I was eating them, Jeff was picking on Shannon like a normal brother does, but it was that sibling love that make me appreciate what they had.

About four years ago Barbara and Jeff came to our house to visit. I had just begun taking piano lessons and had not been exposed to that much music. Jeff sat down and started playing a song at random, that he composed himself, which was so beautiful and unique. He had such a gift with music, and an understanding for my dog Maddy. I can still see him rolling on the floor with her and giving her ‘puppy love'. Jeff seemed like a very talented guy and made me think about playing the piano a lot more.

Emily (Friend)

• • • • •